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Colleen enjoys teaching photography as much as she enjoys making her own images - and it shows! Here's what some of our past attendees students are saying about their Sheography photography workshop experience:

"My past experience with all women workshops & Colleen is the primary reason I continue to go after so many years. Colleen is always trying to give us new experiences and challenges. I love that about her, not the same boring thing!"

Elaine S., 2019 Southern Oregon Coast Sheographer


"I really appreciated Colleen's interest in and support of my personal photographic goals. Her photographic knowledge and ability to communicate that to her students is outstanding, but what made the workshop stand out for me was her unending enthusiasm, her obvious joy in seeing her students blossom, and her encouragement to experience a well-rounded creative life."

Jeanie S., 2019 Moab Sheographer


"Take the beauty of 2 Utah National Parks. Add one very enthusiastic and knowledgeable photographer instructor, ten strangers, some challenges and even a geology lesson. Simmer and share for five days. Results in stronger photograph composition, personal confidence and new friends. You gotta try it! IT ROCKS!"

Pat S., 2019 Moab Sheographer


"The recent Moab trip was my second workshop with Colleen and I can't wait to attend more. The learning experience is so positive and I leave with "nuggets" every time. Colleen finds new and fun ways to help us tap into our creative side which can help us take our photos to the next level."

Cathy P., 2019 Moab Sheographer


"This was my first Sheography workshop and found the female companionship and friendliness of the group very comfortable and helpful."

Ella S., 2019 Moab Sheographer


"There's no better place to find support for your creative photographic expression than with Sheography!"

Anonymous, 2019 Moab Sheographer


"Can't remember ever having so much fun at a workshop. Colleen was great and provided plenty of one on one time. Always there to answer all questions. Her enthusiasm is infectious and I can't wait for the next opportunity to apply what I learned. Colleen knows how to really make learning fun. Yes, yes, yes!"

Sharon A., 2019 Watson Lake Sheographer


"Colleen was recommended to me by another photographer. I was drawn to the women-only format and a location close to our seasonal home. Her technical knowledge was very helpful and the location perfect to practice what we had learned. From start to finish, the workshop was well run, with all the details taken care of. I would highly recommend."

Lois J., 2019 Watson Lake Sheographer


"I chose this workshop first because being in Arizona and not Iowa in January is a great idea, second because friend going and because Colleen's description of event and her immediate responses to our questions was a great sign. Oh, and the idea of all women on such a retreat was totally intriguing. It was clear that Colleen has groupies - everyone else knew her from several workshops and it was obvious why they kept going: very fun, good location, good advice and good chocolate. The location was new to me and lovely and I love lots of my photos!"

Nancy H., 2019 Watson Lake Sheographer


"If you are a woman interested in photography, fascinating places to visit, a great outdoor experience, quality technical instruction and support and making new friends, this is the place for you!"

Mary G., 2019 Watson Lake Sheographer


"Each time I go, I learn at least two things that STICK with me in future photography. Each time I'm understanding the camera technology better and don't have to stress as much so my camera can work better for me. Pretty good combo!"

Angela R., 2019 Watson Lake Sheographer


"The Oregon Coast Sheography workshop was wonderful! The beautiful Oregon Coast provided a spectacular setting for the workshop. Colleen provided just the right mix of creative learning, hands-on experience and fun. It was great to meet, and share the week's adventure with a small group of all female photographers. We all learned from each other and had a great time. Can't wait for the next workshop with Colleen!"

Erynn C., 2018 Oregon Coast Sheographer


"The Sheography Oregon trip was fabulous. I learned a lot about my photography but more importantly I was inspired by the other women on the trip. Oh, and it was fun!!"

Sharon P., 2018 Oregon Coast Sheographer


"I had an interest in photographing the Oregon Coast and this was offered, so I jumped at the opportunity to continue to learn and hone my skills. I had a couple aha moments during this workshop, plus it was a lot of fun!"

Tina L., 2018 Oregon Coast Sheographer


"Attending my first “Sheography” workshop was so much fun and I would highly recommend one of her all-women workshops! Beautiful locations with a great instructor not to mention the new friends that you will meet. Plan on taking more!"

Cathy P., 2018 Oregon Coast Sheographer


"The Sheography workshop exceeded my expectations. Colleen is a fun, free spirited and a gifted teacher. She helps you not only take better photos but helps you write a story with each composition. She really helped us to connect with nature in a personal and unique approach. Highly recommend attending one of her workshops."

Ginny K., 2018 Death Valley Sheographer


"Sheography fills a unique niche for women who are interested in enhancing their photography skills and "eye" in a supportive environment -- while at the same time having a little adventure (ok, a lot of adventure) in some of the world's most beautiful places. Colleen's leadership, mentoring, knowledge and personality make these trips a wonderful learning experience! "

Mary G., 2018 Death Valley Sheographer


"From start to finish Colleen's workshops are fun, informative, creative, well planned yet flexible depending on the group and conditions of location. I always learn new and invigorating ideas, concepts and skills."

Kathy B., 2018 Death Valley Sheographer


"Colleen is excellent at balancing classroom and photo taking opportunities and she is totally focused on the participants & helping them improve their photography skills."

Polly B., 2018 Death Valley Sheographer


"I chose to attend Colleen's Sheography workshop mostly because of the location, the supportive environment of an all women's workshop I thought might be a bonus. What I didn't realize was how much I would be inspired by both the instructor and the other attendees!"

Donna D., 2018 Death Valley Sheographer


"Colleen fosters a wonderful community for the participants in her workshops. Then from there we all grow creatively and technically. WHAT A FABULOUS LOCATION and Colleen knew exactly where to go and when."
Emma B., 2018 Death Valley Sheographer


"The best way to experience the Canyon and the River -- in a single raft of women photographers who are learning and experiencing new challenges - physical, mental and photographic - together. We came from all walks of life, all levels of experience and all age groups -- AWESOME!"

Mary G., 2017 Grand Canyon Rafting Sheographer


"What's great about this rafting retreat is everyone is a photographer. You don't have to worry about being pressured by others to hurry up already with getting your photos. Everything is taken care of for you, what more can you ask for!"

Angela R., 2017 Grand Canyon Rafting Sheographer


"Epic experience. Colleen and the Hatch guides (Lars and Zach) helped make the experience one to remember. My photography skills improved tremendously due to Colleen's guided approach to capturing the beauty. I highly recommend a rafting retreat."

Naomi F., 2017 Grand Canyon Rafting Sheographer


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